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Funny experience at Golf corner

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      golf141 on #60379

      I had great experience with Ray for reshafting my driver back 2 years ago at his workshop in DB, lately I went to visit him in CWB for an advice on my putter, as he was not there, I was served by other staffs, frankly speaking the bold guy (Romero?) was trying to sell me everything that I don’t need. I tried to ask a technical question but than the other guy (white hair) who were smoking in the work shop just pretended that he was busy… I felt very annoyed and left immediately…
      I felt much better served at DB by Ray, just hate facing this kind of situation, maybe I am just getting old and grumpy…

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      cohiba123 on #60562


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      cohiba123 on #60563

      個白頭佬叫 Philip,去白石裝桿啦,平靚正又專業

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      wilzay on #60710

      I also hv had bad experience with this shop, especially the white hair guy. just like 狗眼, so I sware I never go there again.

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      golf141 on #60881

      My friend was there recently, he said he had a funny talk, basically the guy (the bold) was trying to teach my friend who is a single handicapped about how to hit a ball….and when my friend ask him how often he is on the course, he said he doesn’t play well…LOL

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      akwok on #60965

      I have taken my clubs for replacing the grips there but found re-grips not aligned. I had to spend more to do it again at KSC workshop which I consider more professional.

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      ninjagolfer on #65798

      My hybrid which was reshafted there broke twice. Never again

      Used to visit when Alvin was there . Philip is the worse

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      trendeast on #68217

      They tipped the shaft of my hybrid. Ended up selling after 3 rounds as I could not hit it. Now I switch to Puragolf which is much more professional. My friend goes to KSC which he highly recommends also.

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      cohiba123 on #69179

      白頭佬Philip 走左,一天光曬.

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      golf141 on #69321

      I went there recently to change my putter grip, switched to a Superstoke, in fact they have charged me over HKD 300.-, a week later I was walking in TST, one of the shop have the same grip and offer HKD 200.- with changing cost… I am done with it!

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      cleveland madness on #69874

      They assume every customer is a moron and a chump. When they realize you’re a little smarter than they imagine, they show attitude and walk away. I have felt most of the above negative comments personally.