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  • 沙河高爾夫球會
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地址 中國深圳市南山區白石路一號
聯繫資料 電話:(755) 690 0111 傳真:(755) 660 9270
香港電話:(852) 2865 1739 香港傳真:(852) 2865 3815
007訂場熱線 (852) 2187 3146 (辦公時間) 或 24小時網上訂場
球會類型 私人球會
球場數目 27洞
場地設計師 加利-皮亞 Gary Player
場內交通 電動球車或步行
交通 皇崗 – 球會:約20分鐘車程
羅湖 – 球會:約30分鐘車程















  • SandRiver-A1-1
    Par 4 – Drive left of the bunkers on the right. If you are a big hitter, you can drive right over them to get the shortest route to the green. There is water on the left but at least 260 – 270 yards from the blue tees (and you can’t see it from the tee). Stay away from the hills on the right side, you’ll find some awful lies there. Be careful with the 2 fluffy crators about 30 yards in front; those could be killers. Best to angle your approach in from the left side to take the water out of play.

    SandRiver-A1-2 SandRiver-A1-3

  • SandRiver-A2-1Par 5, S shaped fairway, trouble on both sides. Tough hole, may consider hitting shorter and stay on the fairway.

    If youre a big hitter, you can cut over the water and trees on the left, probably a 250 yard carry required. The bunkers from the right are about 180 from the blues, and the fairway runs out at about 220 yds, beyond that is bushes and possibly unplayable lies.

    2nd shot is fairly straight forward; but still have trouble on both sides. It’s better to play towards the left to get a better angle to the green from there. However, the fairway also run out on the left, so beware. Try to lay up left leaving yourself a 100 – 115 yard third shot. You may consider a 4 shot on if youre a short hitter because there’s trouble all around the green with bunkers left and right. Over the green is not good either. The ground slopes down about 8 – 10 feet and beyond that is water!
    SandRiver-A2-2 SandRiver-A2-3 SandRiver-A2-4

  • A par 3, you will need to carry the ball all the way to the green.
  • SandRiver-A4-1
    Hole #4 – Par 4 with 3 fairway bunkers right in the middle and one on the right. OB on the left and possible lost ball on right. Its about 230 – 250 to carry all the fairway bunkers from the blue tees, and a wide landing area beyond that. If you cannot carry the bunkers, you have to choose left or right side. Near the green on the right is all water! If you end up in one of the fairway bunkers in the middle, laying up is prob a good choice because anything short and left or right could be wet.

    If the pin is on the right of the green (you can see it from the tee), then play your tee shot left because its very hard to stop the ball on the green which is only about 20 paces deep. (It’s very shallow and long sideways, with water right, and a ditch short and left.) Beyond the green is a bunker and some hills (no fun either), you could have some awkful lies, or have to play a bunker shot downhill with water on the other side.
    SandRiver-A4-2 SandRiver-A4-3

  • SandRiver-A5-1
    Hole #5 – Par 5 – OB left of cart path. This hole is fairly straight forward, you can see all the trouble with fairway bunker on the right off the tee and left with your second shot. The green is sloped down from back to front – again – and is very wide with bunkers on the right and back. Could have some tricky putts depending on the pin position. In all, not a really tough hole.
    SandRiver-A5-2 SandRiver-A5-3 SandRiver-A5-4

  • SandRiver-A6-1
    Hole # 6 – Par 3 – OB left and water on right. Bunkers all around front right, left, and back. The green looks down hill from the back tees, but the green slopes up towards the back. Depending on the wind, the choice of clubs could be a 7 iron to a 5 wood. If the pin is positioned left and right, best to play the ball centre and beneath the hole. The bunkers are up to 6-7 feet deep.

  • SandRiver-A7-1
    Hole #7 – Par 4 – OB left off the tee and water all the way down the same side. You’ll reach the water with a 250-250 drive from the blue tees. There’s a fariway bunker on the right, but its not too bad. A small bunker is right in the middle of the green, about 5-6 feet deep. Too far right is the cart path and flower beds (poss lost ball) and left is water. Beyond the green is not bad, just short rough and fairly flat lies.
    SandRiver-A7-2 SandRiver-A7-3

  • SandRiver-A8-1
    Hole #8 – Par 4 – Fairway bunker right in the middle, water on left, and uneven lies on right. Probably about 185 – 190 to carry the bunker from the blue tees, depending where they put the markers. The fairway is higher on the right than left, and you can choose to go either side. L is closer to the pin with the second shot; but near the water. Beyond the big tree on the right (cart path area) is also water that you cannot see from the tee. If may come into play if youre a big hitter off the tee, or your seond shot. .

    The safest route is to play middle. If you cannot reach the green with your second shot, beware of the plam trees in the middle of the fairway for your lay up; they could get in the way of your approach. The approach is not bad, just a bunker front right. The water is front left and is out of play if you have the distance. You can get it up and down from most places around the green. It’s index 1 but I dont think it’s the toughest hole.
    SandRiver-A8-2 SandRiver-A8-3

  • SandRiver-A9-1
    Hole #9 – Par 4 – water left and Hole #1 fairway on the right. There is a cart path that cuts across the fairway about 260 – 270 yds from the blue tees. Beware if youre a big hitter. I’d play the tee shot right centre to take the water out of play. The second shot is not entirely over water, but there’s water on the right and left.

    You can land the ball short of the green, although its not very wide. It could be considered if you do not have the length. If you do not hit a good tee shot, you may consider laying up short of the cart path because trying to go for the green from a bad position could spell major touble! Left is no good (cart path) because the ball will roll off the cart and into the water, there’s no place for it to stop at all. Large bunker front right 6-7 foot deep in some places. Beyond the green is OK provided that youre no more than 5 yards off.
    SandRiver-A9-2 SandRiver-A9-3

  • 4桿洞, 黑 tee 411, 藍371,白343,紅315碼。難度:男12 / 女8。
    一個球道平坦的小Dogleg right,果嶺右面有水。
    SandRiver-B1-1 SandRiver-B1-2
  • 5桿洞,黑tee531,藍506,白474,紅429碼
    難度:男4 / 女12
  • 3桿洞,黑198,藍177,白162,紅143。
    難度:男14 / 女6
  • 4桿洞,黑tee457,藍427,白386,紅352碼
    難度:男6 / 女2
  • 5桿洞,黑tee555,藍481,白450,紅404
    難度:男16 / 女14
    SandRiver-B5-1 SandRiver-B5-2
  • 3桿洞,黑215,藍186,白151,紅126碼
    難度:男8 / 女18
  • 4桿洞,黑tee364,藍339,白305,紅278碼
    難度:男18 / 女16
  • 3桿洞,黑tee235,藍213,白193,紅170碼
    難度:男10 / 女10
  • 4桿洞,黑tee479,藍456,白424,紅392碼
    難度:男2 / 女4
  • SandRiver-C1-1
    A relatively ‘short’ par 5, the fairway is quite narrow with bunkers on either side, position your layup the the right will give you a good angle to the green.
    SandRiver-C1-2 SandRiver-C1-3 SandRiver-C1-4
  • SandRiver-C2-1
    Left is water & right is OB, what do you do?

    In fact, the fairway is fairly generous, just watch out for the bunker on the right.
    SandRiver-C2-2 SandRiver-C2-3

  • SandRiver-C3-1
    This is a tough hole, it is long & the landing area of the 2nd is narrow & water is the left.
    SandRiver-C3-2 SandRiver-C3-3 SandRiver-C3-4
  • SandRiver-C4-1
    This is an island green.
  • SandRiver-C5-1
    This is an intimating hole with water on both sides of the fairway. Water is also on the left of the front of the green.
    SandRiver-C5-2 SandRiver-C5-3
  • SandRiver-C6-1
    A medium length par 3, the green is narrow & elevated.
  • SandRiver-C7-1
    This is an ‘easier’ par 4, water is the left but the fairway is quite generous.
    SandRiver-C7-2 SandRiver-C7-3
  • SandRiver-C8-1
    This is a tough hole, more so if there is head wind. This is a slight dogleg to the left, if you aim right, the approach to the difficult green will be even further.
    SandRiver-C8-2 SandRiver-C8-3
  • SandRiver-C9-1
    This hole is ‘interesting’…..very tough for short hitter to reach in 2 as the tee shot must need to carry a minmum of 210 yards (blue tee) to the edge (red arrow), you will need to have another decent iron to reach the green.

    Otherwise, all you need is a P or 9 iron to pitch over & lay up, then, another short iron to the layup again short of the water….this is a par 4 remember!

    The approach to the green is over the water with another short iron.
    SandRiver-C9-2 SandRiver-C9-3




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