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Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Dubai

Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Dubai
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  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Dubai
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個球會位於一個市郊高尚住宅區,打波時附近仍有些少工程在進行中令環境未至最高水平,另外在球道設計上雖然乜特別的signature hole及準確性要求亦相當高但球場保養、員工服務、球會設施及會所內的西班牙式設計及食物就非常出色,未試過在沙漠打波的朋友可以一試。


地址 Dubai, UAE
007訂場熱線 (852) 2187 3146 (辦公時間) 或 24小時網上訂場
球場數目 18洞
標準桿數/最長距離 72 / 7,691
場地設計師 Ian Baker-Finch / Nicklaus Design
場內交通 球車

餐廳記分卡 / 球場掠影(1, 2, 3) / 前臺


呢個場在Dubai市郊,真真正正屬於沙漠球場,因為Emirates同Dubai Creek都比較在市中,而佢就鄰近市外的一個高尚住宅區內。


球道靚、果嶺正兼超快 – 非常出色!









  • ArabianRanches-H1-1A gentle dogleg to the left. As you’ll learn, you definitely need a good drive on every hole here or else you’ll be playing from the desert scrub (if you are lucky enough to actually find your ball).
    ArabianRanches-H1-2 ArabianRanches-H1-3

  • ArabianRanches-H2-1Wickedly sloping narrow green on this mid-length par-3.

    ArabianRanches-H2-2 ArabianRanches-H2-3

  • ArabianRanches-H3-1Narrow fairway on this relatively short par-5. It’s actually very difficult to spot the desired landing area here so check the GPS system in the golf cart. Pay attention on your second shot: the desert scrub impinges on the fairway meaning you have to know your yardages.
    ArabianRanches-H3-2 ArabianRanches-H3-3 ArabianRanches-H3-4

  • ArabianRanches-H4-1Fairway is a bit more generous on this par-4. Difficulty lies with the approach to the well-guarded green.


  • ArabianRanches-H5-1A tough par-4 that requires two excellent shots to reach the green in regulation. Again, accuracy here is imperative.
    ArabianRanches-H5-2 ArabianRanches-H5-3

  • ArabianRanches-H6-1Don’t risk the driver here. Fairway wood and a short iron is all that’s needed.

    ArabianRanches-H6-2 ArabianRanches-H6-3

  • ArabianRanches-H7-1Supremely difficult par-3. Huge greenside bunker swallows any shots underhit. Green features two tiers. Good luck!
    ArabianRanches-H7-2 ArabianRanches-H7-3

  • ArabianRanches-H8-1Straightaway par-5. Open green allows run up shots.

    ArabianRanches-H8-2 ArabianRanches-H8-3 ArabianRanches-H8-4

  • ArabianRanches-H9-1When do the tough par-4s stop? Another two mighty shots required here. Undulating fairway means you could be faced with an interesting lie.
    ArabianRanches-H9-2 ArabianRanches-H9-3

  • ArabianRanches-H10-1Fairway narrows at around 250-yards so this might not be the time to hit driver – penal desert bushes and scrub await. Although it’s a short hole par is never a bad score.
    ArabianRanches-H10-2 ArabianRanches-H10-3

  • ArabianRanches-H11-1A bit more room on this par-4 so give it a rip with the driver. You’ll need a good one to reach in two.

    ArabianRanches-H11-2 ArabianRanches-H11-3

  • ArabianRanches-H12-1Another nice, but deadly, par-3. Desert encroaches in front of the green so going long is a better option than short.

  • ArabianRanches-H13-1A reachable par-5. Again, the fairway narrows at the length of a good drive (from the blues). Approach is played uphill to a tilted green. As good a birdie chance as you’re likely to find here.
    ArabianRanches-H13-2 ArabianRanches-H13-3 ArabianRanches-H13-4

  • ArabianRanches-H14-1Straightaway par-4. Massive bunker – although it’s not designated a bunker, but an extension of the desert – sits short of the green and is definitely not the place to be.
    ArabianRanches-H14-2 ArabianRanches-H14-3

  • ArabianRanches-H15-1Potentially rechable with the drive, this par-4 offers a great birdie opportunity. Watch out for the wind though. It normally blows from the green to tee so consider bailing out to the right with the drive. From there it’s only a short pitch.
    ArabianRanches-H15-2 ArabianRanches-H15-3

  • ArabianRanches-H16-1Long punishing par-5. Accuracy is vital. Miss this fairway and you’ll do well to make bogey.

    ArabianRanches-H16-2 ArabianRanches-H16-3 ArabianRanches-H16-4

  • Black – 236, Gold – 195, Blue – 177, White – 143, Red – 131
    Par-3, Index, 17.
    Mid iron tee shot required on this par-3 with its narrow green. Not easy but classed as index 17 which gives an idea how tough this course really is.

  • ArabianRanches-H18-1Good finishing hole. Drive over the desert and hope the ball runs down the fairway because tackling this green with a long iron is dicey.
    ArabianRanches-H18-2 ArabianRanches-H18-3


個球會位於一個市郊高尚住宅區,打波時附近仍有些少工程在進行中令環境未至最高水平,另外在球道設計上雖然乜特別的signature hole及準確性要求亦相當高但球場保養、員工服務、球會設施及會所內的西班牙式設計及食物就非常出色,未試過在沙漠打波的朋友可以一試。