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Banyan Golf Club, Huahin

Banyan Golf Club, Huahin
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  • Banyan Golf Club, Huahin
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呢個場雖然新但係草坪好成熟,好野!稍嫌前九環境少D樹,唔夠後九靚,難度唔算高,唔想太大壓力呢個場o岩晒,左飛右飛都可能救得番。 呢度個Tee marker係用菠蘿做標誌,因為呢度隨處可見菠蘿,都幾特別架! 會所唔算豪華不過又幾"骨緻"。 黎開華欣,呢個係唔錯既選擇!


地址 99/89 Moo 9, Khaokhunsong District, Sriracha City, Chonburi Province, Thailand
007訂場熱線 (852) 2187 3146 (辦公時間) 或 24小時網上訂場
球場數目 18 洞
標準桿數/最長距離 72 /7,361碼 (黑Tee)
場地設計師 Pirapon Namatra of GolfEast.
場內交通 球車



呢個係華欣最新球場之一,2009年2月 Grand Opening,離華欣市區大概30多分鐘,除左球場,附近仲有旗下既樓盤。


會所(1, 2)係由一群個泰式建築組成,checkin 時要去proshop(1, 2)(呢度D租杆都非常靚仔),然後去另一幢更衣室(1, 2, 3, 4)換衫,另外仲有餐廳(1, 2) ,服務唔錯架。


球道草坪都好成熟靚仔,果嶺非常正。 May 2009




球場地形偏平有些少上落, 球道好寬闊(除左#10),果嶺亦好大,沙池好多但球道闊同果嶺大都唔易打落去,水障都有但唔多,果嶺斜度一般般,整體黎講係個Resort Course, 打得好舒服。


  • Hole 1 Par 4 Handicap 5
    Red: 327 yards. White: 377 yards. Blue: 402 yards. Black: 423 yards.
    It’s a wonderful starting hole. The elevated tee boxes provide you with superb panoramic views of the front nine. From the tee aim at the pineapple tree which will provide you with just about 150-yards to go with your approach shot. Water hazards and red grass to the right and several bunkers surround the greens.
    Banyan-H1-1 Banyan-H1-2

  • Hole 2 Par 3 Handicap 17
    Red: 112 yards . White: 128 yards. Blue: 167 yards. Black: 217 yards.
    The hole is varied and has fantastic views of the mountains in the background. An impressive large tree stands prominent to your left. Occasionally, strong Southerly winds can carry you slightly to the right. Putting from the back left area of the green can present you with a challenge.

  • Hole 3, Par 5 Handicap 11
    Red: 426 yards, White: 479 yards, Blue: 498 yards, Black: 527 yards.
    Rolling fairways with a good drive downhill will help you get on the green in two. This hole is commonly selected for longest drive competitions. Wind from behind can make all the difference – it’s a great driving hole!
    Banyan-H3-1 Banyan-H3-2 Banyan-H3-3

  • Hole 4, Par 3 Handicap 13
    Red: 95 yards, White: 179 yards, Blue: 208 yards, Black: 253 yards.
    個果嶺好大,on 得唔好三推隨時有。
    Tee shots must carry 150-yards to clear the water and to compensate on the other side is a large green. Certainly a challenge from the Black tees.? Go for it, and celebrate the success at the Mulligan’s drink kiosk before making it to hole 5.

  • Hole 5, Par 4 Handicap 13
    Red: 254 yards, White: 320 yards, Blue: 350 yards, Black: 377 yards.
    Dog leg right and aim to the left part of the fairway to get maximum length from the tee. The fairway leans from left to the right, where the difficulty is the short game which doesn’t come far after a good drive. It demands a lofted second shot to reach over the stream from a fairway that is leaning a little from you.
    Banyan-H5-1 Banyan-H5-2

  • Hole 6, Par 4 Handicap 3
    Red: 288 yards, White: 342 yards, Blue: 368 yards, Black: 409 yards.
    A beautiful tee shot and on to the wavy fairway. A good driver brings you close to a very beautiful pond. The difficulty is in the second shot where you need to use at least one extra club. When you have holed out, look back to the tee box and appreciate the contours and land elevations.
    Banyan-H6-1 Banyan-H6-2

  • Hole 7, Par 4 Handicap 1
    Red: 367 yards, White: 414 yards, Blue: 447 yards, Black: 488 yards.
    呢個Index 1除左長少少其實冇乜野。
    Rated by the golf course architect as the most difficult hole on the golf course – this may feel quite surprising as you make it up to the highly elevated tee box. From the tee box you feel a sense that you can make this on the green in two. You are able to select your landing areas as the fairway looks giving and then your second approach shot is free of any hazards. Good luck
    Banyan-H7-1 Banyan-H7-2

  • Hole 8, Par 5 Handicap 9
    Red: 407 yards, White: 480 yards, Blue: 511 yards, Black: 546 yards.
    This hole needs a little course management from the tee. Avoid the right side which catches sliced tee shots with the help of two bunkers. Even the second shot demands some planning to avoid the fairway bunkers that are strategically placed before the green in the middle of the fairway. The green is rather small and wavy and you need to know how far you hit with your wedges.
    Banyan-H8-1 Banyan-H8-2 Banyan-H8-3

  • Hole 9, Par 4 Handicap 7
    Red: 407 yards, White: 480 yards, Blue: 511 yards, Black: 546 yards.
    Once again are you standing high up looking over this magnificent golf course, the feeling is magic and you feel that the course must have been here for a long time. To bring back the pineapple plants, to plant this colorful bougainvillea and this cool red grass makes it feel very authentic somehow. ?
    A driver to the middle of the fairway and a good iron shot up to green is all that’s required. After that are you done with the first nine and you are worthy of some refreshments in the kiosk that is integrated in the clubhouse.
    Banyan-H9-1 Banyan-H9-2

  • Hole 10, Par 4 Handicap 2
    Red: 267 yards, White: 378 yards, Blue: 403 yards, Black: 430 yards.
    呢條球道兩邊好多野,入左去就唔該 reload,呢個洞係先落後上。
    Rated as the second hardest hole on the golf course, but to many golfers perhaps the most difficult!
    You really need to concentrate with your tee shot here. Aim to the middle of the fairway and the slope will take you to the left side of the fairway. Here you are in the perfect position for your shot onto the generous green. Because you are playing upwards all the way towards the green the hole is longer than you think. The fairway is surrounded by trees and bushes. If you are too much to the right or too much to the left chances are you’re in trouble.
    Banyan-H10-1 Banyan-H10-2

  • Hole 11, Par 5 Handicap 8
    Red: 426 yards, White: 517 yards, Blue: 550 yards, Black: 593 yards.
    A slight slope downwards all the way towards the green. The fairway leans a little from left to right. ?It would take a well seasoned golf professional to be on the green in two here as it appears to be almost impossible.
    There are two alternate ways to reach the fairway with your second shot which is in parallel with a wonderful stream.? The third shot with a wedge to a tight green surrounded by bunkers is the next challenge on this hole. If you land on the green you have a great birdie chance!
    Banyan-H11-1 Banyan-H11-2 Banyan-H11-3

  • Hole 12, Par 5 Handicap 14
    Red: 456 yards, White: 555 yards, Blue: 588 yards, Black: 610 yards.
    Longest hole on the golf course with a slight dog leg left but are able to reach the green in two shots if the wind is behind you. ?This hole is wide and quite generous but need to look out for treacherous fairway bunkers when you get closer to the green with your second hit. Everything is leaning towards the left, so keep to the right, a little bit more then you would think.
    Banyan-H12-1 Banyan-H12-2

  • Hole 13, Par 4 Handicap 12
    Red: 244 yards, White: 239 yards, Blue: 366 yards, Black: 396 yards.
    Dog leg right, keep to the left side of the fairway, otherwise the ball has a tendency to roll to the right. After the tee off there is not much club left, everything is downhill. The short game is towards a relatively small green, but there are no bunkers.
    Banyan-H13-1 Banyan-H13-2

  • Hole 14, Par 4 Handicap 4
    Red: 239 yards, White: 299 yards, Blue: 346 yards, Black: 386 yards.
    A very picturesque hole as from the tee can you see the stream and the waterfall that divides the fairway in to two parts. This hole tends to have quite a lot of head wind so a driver from the tee is a good option to take.? A perfect drive and a small wedge left towards a large and lovely green. The fairway is leaning from the left toward the right side so the smartest thing is to keep to left side of the fairway. Parallel with the right side runs a stream that you rather avoid.
    Banyan-H14-1 Banyan-H14-2

  • Hole 15, Par 3 “Singtoh Island” Handicap 18
    Red: 119 yards, White: 136 yards, Blue: 139 yards, Black: 147 yards
    標誌洞, 都非常之靚
    The Banyan Golf Club, Hua Hin’s signature hole. You will need to take a deep breath here as the elevated views from all the tee boxes are spectacular with ocean views to your left, valleys and mountains to your right. The hole is not far, but the wind will surprise you. ?A par 3 doesn’t have to be far to be difficult. Here we have other factors that you have to account for.

  • Hole 16, Par 4 Handicap 6
    Red: 282 yards, White: 369 yards, Blue: 388 yards, Black: 413 yards
    Often there is a lot of tailwind from behind so be careful with the club selection. A driver may not be suitable. Just left of the beautiful tree that decorates the fairway is where you need to be. You should aim a little shorter rather than too far since the fairway becomes narrower the closer you are to the green. On the right side of this hole there is a stream winding its way beautifully up to the green
    Banyan-H16-1 Banyan-H16-2

  • Hole 17, Par 3 Handicap 10
    Red: 138 yards, White: 171 yards, Blue: 202 yards, Black: 237 yards
    This hole is claimed to have the largest green in the region. It’s a long Par 3 where the ball spends most of its time up in the wind. The hole is slightly upwards and the back of the green has been manicured to help you keep on it should you shoot slightly over.

  • Hole 18, Par 4 Handicap 4
    Red: 322 yards, White: 343 yards, Blue: 410 yards, Black: 471 yards
    This is a perfect finishing hole playing towards a beautifully designed Thai style clubhouse with a magnificent mountain backdrop. The fairway is rolling forward with a parallel long fairway bunker on the right hand side.
    Your first shot should be aimed towards the clubhouse.? The green is a little lofty and will need to concentrate when you are on the green as you may be greeted by a big audience at the club house restaurants terrace.
    Banyan-H18-1 Banyan-H18-2


呢度個Tee marker係用菠蘿做標誌,因為呢度隨處可見菠蘿(1, 2, 3),都幾特別架!
會所唔算豪華不過又幾”骨緻”。 黎開華欣,呢個係唔錯既選擇!