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Gassan Khuntan

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      • 參與者
        mfung on #87042

        Dear Bruce,

        We are a group of 6 went to Gassan Khuntan golf and resort in Chiang Mai last month. The course is beautiful and challenging and we had a good time there.

        However, we don’t know the course slope and rating of (course A+B), (course A+C) abd (course B+C). We have emailed the club house but no reply.

        Would you please find it out and revert to me, thanks.

        And we met the manager 東哥 there, who is very helpful and nice. He said he knows you.



      • 管理員
        Bruce on #87095

        Hi Michael,

        Good to know you enjoyed the trip, I also like playing there myself and will try to go again soon.

        I already asked my friend there to check the course rating, he said will check and let us know later.


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