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        ### Posting Policy & Rules ###

        Hello & welcome to our forum where everyone can discuss, share, recommend or debate about golf related issues.

        In order for us to enjoy the forum, we have made few simple rules, marshals will remove/ban/edit if our rules are broken and no explanation will be given.

        1. Forum is restricted to golf topics only, unrelated replies will be edited or removed. To avoid misunderstanding or unfairness, please do not post links, complaints or recommend business that may have conflict of interest to this website.

        2. We don’t accept/ tolerate harsh or foul languages, personal attacks, claims without facts and defamation.

        3. No unauthorized advertisement! We welcome recommendations, but please don’t advertise or enter ‘man made’ Q & A, (For placing advertisement, please check here.)

        4. Marshals will remove or close repetitive & non-golf topics, any deletion or edit of your message is not personal.

        5. If Marshals delete your entry while carrying out duties – sorry! Your understanding will be appreciated.

        6. One handle on each topic only.

        7. Please do not post tournament result as topic.

        8. Please try to settle the matter with the individual first before you post complain, if you are still unhappy with the outcome, you may post your complaint, however, you are required to provide your real name & e-mail address so that we can verify your claim, contents will be kept confidential unless it breaks the laws of Hong Kong & will hand over the information to any relevant department.

        9. We reserves all rights to refuse service, ban or take necessary actions against those who breaks our rules, posts garbage & multi messages on our forum.

        10. Users accept email provided can be used for our promotions.

        Thank you & happy posting!

        Contents within the forum does not represent our site’s position, and will change our rules at any time, if you have any suggestions or complaints, please mail your comment to marshal[at]golf007.com or call (852) 2882 1350

        ### 討 論 區 守 則 ###


        1. 請勿濫用討論區及尊重他人不同意見。為免不公平及引起誤會,請勿刊登與本網站業務有沖突的介紹、投訴及連結(link)。

        2. 刊登或回覆題目時必須以禮待人、切勿誹謗、 人身攻擊或作出冇根據的指責及聲明。回覆時請避免離題(少少唔緊要,太多唔係幾好)及與高球無關的內容。

        3. 討論區只准我地自己或得到授權的人賣廣告,其他網友就只歡迎介紹(recommend)高球有關服務,亦唔准直接或間接刊登廣告或自我製作問答。想在本網站刊登廣告,請click呢到

        4. Marshal會根據守則做事,絕不針對個別人仕或公司。如你的回應/題目被刪除或修改,應該是你已違反守則。

        5. Marshal在執行職務時可能會被迫刪除其它無辜的回應,我們謹此抱歉及希望你能諒解。

        6. 每題目只可用同一網名。

        7. 請勿刊登球賽結果為題目。

        8. 請勿重覆刊登類似題目及刊登高球以外題目。

        9. 在你刊登投訴前請首先嘗試同被投訴者尋求解決有關問題,提供被投訴者一個解釋或協議機會。投訴人必需提供你的真實姓名及電郵,確保不被濫用。討論區不接受匿名的單方面投訴及保留刪除未經核實的資料權利。

        10. 網站會將所有資料保密但保留拒絕任何人使用權利,如有人蓄意破壞將會被終止發言權及追究責任,如有非法行為將會交出警方或有關部門處理。

        11. 用戶同意我們可以用提供的電郵作推廣用途。

        討論區內容並不代表網站立場,亦會不定時增減條例,各位如有改善建議、投訴或刊登廣告,請致電(852) 2882 1350 或電郵 marshal[at]golf007.com

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