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UBS HK Open 2011

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      • 參與者
        h-wong on #18279

        Dear all,

        Seems there have some free coaching sessions, golf clubs will be provided or require preparing your own clubs ? Should they accept using personal putter to join the long putting competition ?

        Any Idea? Please advice.

        Thank you.

      • 參與者
        x20 on #24041

        I am not sure about the putting competition but the free lesson had clubs there for you to use last year…I wonder if they let you bring golf clubs in for security reasons……

      • 使用者
        windsor on #24040

        What is the dress code for joning the free coaching sessions?


      • 參與者
        h-wong on #24042

        Thanks for X20 explanation. I think normal golf dress code should be followed (no jeans) for showing our respect on the event.

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