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Why is Yinli membership so cheap?

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      • 參與者
        happygolf on #18209

        Just RMB97k as advertised. Is it related to quality of club or the expiry of land lease?

      • 使用者
        grs on #23830

        Worst golf course I have ever played. Played it once 2 years ago, just 2 weeks before the HKPGA Classic, never play there again. Not surprised at the low priced membership.

      • 使用者
        vincent on #23831

        I played Yinli quite often, clubhouse is good, fairway maintence is good, design interesting. The only down side is always packed especially weekends. If you compare with MH Diamond, 540,000 for 10 courses which means 54000 per 18 holes. Yinli isn’t cheap 🙄

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